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Datacenter asset management systems can be extremely powerful when comprehensive and accurate, but are difficult to create and maintain. Some DCIM projects have been deferred after managers realized the extent of this challenge.

451 Research, DCIM Market Monitor Report

Attend Systems’ RackTRACK is an automated, real-time, asset location system. We provide the most reliable tools and intelligence to identify, plan, manage and monitor all physical rack-mounted assets within a data center. We give corporations and organizations the ability to track, secure and manage data center assets the smart way. We provide data center management and DCIM vendors a seamless way to incorporate automated, real-time asset location as a foundation to their advanced cable, power, cooling, and network monitoring tools. We do this through an innovative integration of the best, proven hardware and software technologies. We deliver these capabilities in two modes: FastStart and/or integration into the data center’s existing DCIM or asset management system.


  • Noah Groth


    Noah co-founded Attend Systems in 2009. As CEO, Noah is responsible for managing and executing the strategic direction for the company. Noah has more than thirty years of successful, entrepreneurial leadership and experience in computer security, software development and information technology. Noah was the founder and chairman at GuardianEdge Technologies, Inc. GuardianEdge, a world-wide leader in enterprise data protection and encryption software solutions, was acquired by Symantec for $73M in 2010.

    Noah’s also founded PC Guardian. Under his direction, PC Guardian became a world-wide provider of physical computer security solutions to large enterprises. PC Guardian was sold to Acco Brands in 2009.

    Mr. Groth holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Tennessee, and is a California Certified Public Accountant.

  • Krassimir Boyadjiev


    As the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Attend Systems, Krassimir is responsible for all software architectural design and development for Attend Systems’ products and services. Krassimir has over 20 years of experience designing, developing and implementing enterprise software, with 15 years focused on computer security and data protection.

    Prior to co-founding Attend Systems, Krassimir was vice president of software development at PC Guardian Technologies, later GuardianEdge. In this capacity, Krassimir formulated the architectural vision as well as the design and development of GuardianEdge’s flagship products. Prior to his tenure at GuardianEdge, he led a number of pioneering software development projects at Zycad and InterContinental Software.

    Krassimir received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria. Krassimir also holds a Masters in Computer Science with Honors from the Technical University in Kiev, Ukraine.

  • Ann Laurenson


    As Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Attend Systems, Ann is responsible for worldwide business operations, including corporate strategy, finance, HR, facilities, and manufacturing. Ann has over 25 years of successful corporate leadership experience in technology and computer security, specializing in strategy execution, organizational growth and business development.

    Prior to Attend Systems, Ann was co-founder of PC Guardian and GuardianEdge Technologies. At PC Guardian and GuardianEdge Technologies, she served as senior vice president. She also served as president of PC Guardian. During her tenure, PC Guardian became a world-wide leader in physical computer security solutions. In 2009, Ann oversaw the successful acquisition of PC Guardian’s patents and intellectual property by Acco Brands.

    Ann received a BA from Scripps College.