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Key Features & Benefits

You can’t manage what you don’t know. Precise, real-time asset location information is fundamental to effectively manage data center capacity issues including cooling, power, networking, and rack space.

Attend Systems’ RackTRACK automatically gives the exact location of rack mounted assets 24/7, instantly alerts administrators to asset adds and removes, eliminates physical inventory counts, quickly identifies empty space in racks, and visually locates equipment that requires service. The direct savings from RackTRACK are so real and significant that the initial investment is recouped in 6 months.


  • Real-Time, Always On

    Determines 24/7 and in real time the exact rack and rack U location of an asset, independently of whether the asset is on or off, or connected to or disconnected from the network.

  • Provides Essential Data to Important Functions

    The value and accuracy of change management, capacity planning, energy efficiency improvement and asset management are enhanced with real-time precise asset location.

  • Security

    Whenever equipment is moved in or out of a rack or to a new position within the same rack, an alert is issued to operations and/or security personnel.

  • Instant Visibility

    Remotely-activated, multi-colored LED identification of any rack-mounted asset or rack U for the benefit of remote management and on-site personnel.

  • Low Cost

    Provides superior value at a fraction of the cost of other technologies, such as RFID.s

  • Easy Installation

    Installation of the RackTRACK Controllers, Strips and Asset Tags typically involves a one-time cost of less than one man-hour per rack.

  • FastStart/Integration

    RackTRACK’s FastStart allows for immediate use without integration. Also, seamlessly integrates into DCIM systems with a well defined SNMP interface.


  1. 1
    Physical inventories

    The laborious and notoriously inaccurate process of doing physical inventories of rack mounted equipment is eliminated. With RackTRACK, an inventory of assets can be performed at the touch of a button, and the labor cost associated with physical inventories is eliminated.

  2. 2
    Capacity planning

    Where is available rack space? How many rack Us are open? Are the available rack Us contiguous? Is there adequate power and networking capacity at the rack? With RackTRACK, these questions are answered immediately with 100% degree of confidence.

  3. 3
    Change Management

    Planning for asset movement is significantly simplified and improved. RackTRACK automatically updates asset moves and inventory records without human intervention, in real-time providing up-to-date and accurate information.

  1. 4
    Power management

    With RackTRACK, the data center manager reliably knows exactly where specific pieces of equipment are located and can correlate this information with the power capacity of the rack equipment, reducing the chance of power overloads.

  2. 5

    Finding a specific piece of equipment in a data center can take hours. With RACKTRACK, any piece of equipment can be instantly located, reducing cost and potential down-time. In addition, remotely controlled, multi-colored LEDs identify the exact U-location within a rack, guiding technicians directly to the correct device or empty space, decreasing mistakes and errors while increasing efficiency.

  3. 6
    Security and compliance

    Security and compliance. With RackTRACK, compliance with SOX/SAS 70, HIPAA, SIO 27001 and the PCI Data Security Standard is simplified. Asset moves are tracked and alerts are sent.