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RackTRACK includes the following hardware components: Controller(1), Strips(2) and Asset Tags(3).



    The RackTRACK plug-and-play Controller (Controller) continually monitors the activity on the RackTRACK Strips to determine if Assets Tags are located in or added/removed from a rack, and to trigger alerts and illuminate the Strips’ rack U LEDs.

    • • Requires 1 RU
    • • Can be mounted anywhere in the rack, including the back
    • • A dedicated rack U is not required
    • • Has 16 channels, can manage and support up to 16 racks
    • • Each channel is connected via an RJ45 cable to a RackTRACK Strip
  2. 2. RackTRACK STRIP

    Master Segment (right) Standard
    Segments — 8U (middle) and 5U (left)

    The RackTRACK Strip (Strip) is a hardware device mounted directly on the rack with either a magnetic backing or with Velcro. The Strip connects directly to the Controller using a standard RJ45 cable. The Strip has an electronic connection point at each rack U where an Asset Tag ID can be connected. The Strip also has embedded LEDs at each rack U position that displays red, blue or green upon command from the Controller.

    The Strip is designed to fit a variety of rack sizes by connecting together individual Strip Segments. Each Strip requires one Master Segment (8 rack Us in length) and a combination of Standard Segments that are either 14 inches (8 rack Us) and/or 8.75 inches (5 rack Us) in length to achieve the desired number of rack Us for a rack.

    The Master Segment has an RJ45 connector which is used to connect the Master Segment to the Controller and enables power and communication between the Strip and the Controller. The maximum RJ45 cable distance between the Controller and a Strip is 1,000 feet.


    Asset Tag

    The RackTRACK Asset Tag (Asset Tag) is a small hardware device designed to attach to an asset and connect to the Strip. The Asset Tag has an embedded EPROM chip with persistent memory where the asset’s unique Asset Name is written. The Asset Tag is permanently attached to the asset using high strength, industrial adhesive tape. After the Asset Tag is attached to the asset, it is connected to a rack U position on the Strip using a magnetic, gold plated connector. Whenever an Asset Tag is connected to a Strip, the unique Asset Name that has been saved on the Asset Tag is read by the Controller, and an alert is sent with the Asset Name, rack location and rack U position. Thereafter, the Asset Tag is continually monitored by the Controller, and if it is removed, the Controller sends another alert to notify the data center of the change.