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Modes of Operation


RackTRACK’s technology supports two modes of operation, FastStart and Interface. FastStart is a standalone mode. Interface is a mode for integration into a DCIM/Asset Management third-party system.

To accelerate the immediate benefits of RackTRACK and eliminate time delays associated with integrating into third-party DCIM systems, a data center can implement RackTRACK’s FastStart. FastStart does not require any integration and provides immediate, real-time location data. It requires only a browser to access location data, turn on/off LEDs and receive alerts when an asset is added or moved. RackTRACK can also be integrated into a data center’s DCIM or asset management system with RackTRACK’s SNMP mode.

FastStart Mode

FastStart is the “get started fast” stand-alone mode that does not require integration with any other system in order to have immediate access to real-time precise asset location information. All that is needed is a web browser, and the complete range of real-time precise asset location data is immediately available; including, LED functionality and asset move alerts.

Interface Mode

The RackTRACK Interface Mode provides for integration into any third party system that supports any of the following: SNMP, REST, Json, Excel, or Json-RPC.  There is no need for any middleware, new logic, or translation of the data which keeps the integration effort to a minimum. 

HOW Racktrack WORKS
FastStart Mode
HOW Racktrack WORKS
Interface Mode

RackTRACK has only three basic requirements:

  1. 1

    An asset database that utilizes unique asset names or serial numbers

  2. 2

    Racks with unique names, usually denoting the rack object

  3. 3

    A browser for FastStart or an interface protocol for communication between the RackTRACK and the DCIM system.