Technology | Overview


Attend Systems’ RackTRACK is a patented, non-RFID integrated system of hardware, software and firmware based on 1-wire technology. RackTRACK provides automated, real-time, precise location of rack mounted assets, instant notifications when rack assets are added or removed, and, remotely activated LEDs for visual identification at each rack U.

Unique among real-time asset tracking solutions, RackTRACK offers two modes of operation: FastStart and Interface.

  • FastStart is a standalone "get started fast" mode that does not require integration with any other system. It is designed to be quickly implemented and provides immediate, real-time precise asset location data using the browser based FastStart user interface.

  • REST, Json, Json-RPC, Excel spreadsheet or SNMP are available protocols for integrating RackTRACK  into a DCIM or asset management system and provide real-time location data while enhancing and amplifying your visibility into the rack.

Accurate, timely and reliable location data for rack mounted assets is fundamental for effective management of data centers’ power, cooling, assets, capacity planning, and change management. With RackTRACK, significant benefits and cost savings emerge in a number of operational areas through the elimination of costly, error-prone, manual processes associated with physical inventory, asset location, capacity management, and much more.